"Basic research is the key to addressing the big challenges of society and fundamentally affects economic development"

- Prof. Dr. Peter H. Seeberger


Prof. Seeberger is a renowned expert in the glycosciences and continuous chemistry. Using synthetic carbohydrates as tools he is interested in elucidating the role of glycans in biological processes of medical relevance and their use novel materials.  Continuous chemistry is a transformative technology to quickly and reliable prepare complex molecules for example as drug substances


Peter Seeberger is Director at the Max-Planck Institute for Colloids and Surfaces in Potsdam, Professor at the Freie Universität Berlin and honorary Professor at Potsdam University. He is visiting professor in Australia and Asia.


The research in the Seeberger laboratory has resulted in several spin-off companies in the USA, Switzerland and Germany


Prof. Seeberger is a co-founder and board member of the Tesfa-Ilg “Hope for Africa” Foundation that aims at improving health care and education in Ethiopia.


May 26 2018: Presentation at Schloss Elmau for Max Planck Foundation

At the G7 Summit held in Schloss Elmau in 2015 hospital acquired infections and other infectious diseases were identified as major threat to the world. Prof. Seeberger spoke at this spectacular location to the interested public in a lecture organized by the Max-Planck Foundation.

May 26, 2018

April 11, 2018: Prof. Seeberger receives Viets Prize at University Münster

Prof. Seeberger was honoured with the €20.000 Ernst Hellmut Vits Prize in Münster and presented a lecture on carbohydrate vaccines and continuous production of malaria medications.

April 11, 2018