The Citizen

The future is what we make of it

As a chemist I am a persistent problem solver. Translating our solutions to applications in real life is very challenging but can have immense impact. As a scientist and citizen I try to contribute to global society using those problem solving skills.

Focusing on the doable, we started the Tesfa-Ilg Foundation in 2004 to promote projects for long-term growth. In Ethiopia we have helped to build a factory for the production of insecticide-treated bed nets, supported a vocational school to train young people in IT and established the entrepreneur program to foster the creation of low-tech start-ups.

To overcome the hurdles of access to scientific information, Prof. Seeberger has served as the editor of the Beilstein Journal for Organic Chemistry since 2009. This platinum open access journal is free to readers and authors. Beilstein illustrates what science publishing could look like in the future to overcome the the high fees by science publishers that are happy about top margins.

TEDxHamburg - Peter H Seeberger - "Carbohydrate Vaccines"